Tequila Corralejo Gran Anejo 1L

Tequila Corralejo Gran Anejo 1L

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When only the best will do and you want to make a statement. This beautiful hand blown bottle impresses and comes individually gift boxed.

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Product Description

100% Agave Tequilana, aged for 2 years in American oak barrels. This Gran Anejo holds onto its natural Agave flavours and characters which can sometimes sadly be lost in overly aged Tequila. Too many begin to taste like a bourbon or whiskey profile. The craftsmanship used in making this majestic bottle and the liquid contents are to be savoured.

Smells Like

Rich tones combined with woody notes of chocolate, vanilla and walnut

Tastes Like

Silky with sweet tones that finish with a lingering wood taste on the palate.

How It's Made

It takes 7 – 12 years to grow Blue Weber agave in Corralejo’s privately-owned Fields in Penjamo, Guanajuato. The 100% Blue Agave is slowly cooked with steam in stone clay ovens (called Horno’s) for 36 hours.

Once the agave is cooked to a lovely caramel brown colour, it is then milled through shredders and crushers to extract the sweet juice at between 11 and 12 Brix (a sweetness measure). This extracted juice is then pumped into the fermentation vats where a further 36 hours of fermentation occurs in large stainless steel tanks.

All Corralejo Tequila sees double distillation, the first, in a column still, the second is in alembic copper pot stills. What sets Corralejo apart from other tequila producers is the use of the Charentais distillation method, it is unique to Corralejo. This distillation method is centuries old, and perfected by the French, for exclusive use in making Cognac. Charentais distillation is proven to extract the maximum flavour and aroma’s during distillation. Corralejo Gran Añejo sees 24 months of ageing in brand new, freshly charred, American oak barrels before being bottled.

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Product Reviews

13 review(s)

13 reviews for Tequila Corralejo Gran Anejo 1L

  1. Sam G

    First of all the bottles appearance is brilliant! But the taste of this tequila is equally impeccable. The nose is exactly as described by the Agave Lux team, and the slightly oaky/woody taste is amazing as a Tequila. Would absolutely recommend.

  2. Reza Dyer

    was better than expected.

  3. Stephen Anderson

    I collect tequila and this addition of the Gran Corralejo crown is truely the crown in my collection
    A stunning bottle at a very reasonable price with the added benefit that’s its full of an amazing agave tequila

  4. Michael Nesci

    Everything about this bottle is impressive, including its very unique and rich history which involves the provision of this unique product by the Mexican president and Don Lorenzo of the mid 90s. An exciting story and even more exciting tequila. The Agave Lux team match their service to this high level product and I’ll be a returning customer hands down.

  5. Paul T

    I was looking for a special bottle and I wasn’t disappointed, very smooth and very tasty.
    I’m so happy to have found agavelux, their service is as top-shelf as this tequila

  6. Tracey Neroni

    Fantastic looking bottle and great tasting tequila. Also, very good experience and communication with Agave Lux. Definitely recommend.

  7. Dee

    My life is ruined, iv had to break up with my fav Vodka, my little Gin’s are left crying on the bar cart, all thanks to this handsome Tequila, not only good looking & stand out, but the smoothness of the taste is far beyond any other.
    There’s no going back🤩🤩

  8. Jarrod Cameron

    Easy… arrived earlier than originally estimated. Definitely buy from you guys again.

  9. Rebeca Flores

    This is a very smooth to drink añejo, it is one of our best tequilas at La Patrona. It had to be from Guanajuato, it surely lives and exceeds it’s reputation .

  10. Anthony Collins

    Great service, great delivery speed and really good range

  11. Kerrie Milburn

    The Gran Corralejo was a gift and the recipient described it as “magnificent”. He was equally impressed by the bottle, which is absolutely beautiful. Ordering from Agave Lux was simple, delivery was fast and the company’s after-sales service is exemplary.

  12. Susan Austin

    I’m collecting so , got what I wanted
    Bottle looks amazing

  13. Kman

    Have yet to taste it as will be waiting for a special occasion.
    Bottle looks Great, Service was top notch & Delivered on time.

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Tequila Corralejo Gran Anejo 1L

13 review(s)
When only the best will do and you want to make a statement. This beautiful hand blown bottle impresses and comes individually gift boxed.

In stock

SKU: 0026
GTIN: 7503000677577