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The finest Independent Mexican hand-crafted spirits available exclusively from Agave Lux to Australia.

Agave Lux Brandmark Gold
Agave Lux Brandmark Gold

Cocktail Kits

When drinking clean and premium quality cocktails matters to you, look no further than the multiple kits we have on offer, curated from our exclusive portfolio.

We supply clean, premium and handmade ingredients required to allow you to make your cocktails in the comfort of your own home. Nothing is pre-batched, we supply the premium spirits base, the 100% organic agave nectar, the hand-ground salts used for taste and garnish and we even supply you with the simple recipe so you can't go wrong.

You can always add more or reduce each ingredient to customise your cocktail to your prefered taste. There are no limitations in the cocktail space, you can add whatever else you want to your own unique cocktail, more fruits, more spices, more garnish.

It all starts by getting the three key ingredients right; the quality of the spirit base, the sweetness of the agave nectar and the bursting flavours of our salts.


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Australian Owned.

Mexican Made.


Raicilla 40%

Australian owned and run, this fruit-forward Raicilla uses Maximiliana Agave grown high in the Jalisco mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental is all about approachability, fruit flavours and gentle smoke. The bottle is made from recycled coke and tequila glass and utilises natural resources from the area to complete its production.


Fresh botanicals, fresh fruits and a gentle smoke.


Gin like profile with a strong fruit flavour of pineapple, nectarine finished with gentle smoke, citrus and muted sugars on the tongue.

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