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Our vision is to be the best independent supplier of premium spirits, by connecting Australian consumers with the best quality Mexican spirits from our carefully curated and exclusive network of independent producers who champion sustainability, fair trade and organic practices.

Where to get Tequila delivered near you?

To buy Tequila online or to send someone a bottle of Tequila as a gift,  you can easily shop online with Agave Lux. Buy your favourite Tequilas, Mezcal, Raicillas and Sotols online, and have them delivered to your preferred address. Please note that all products are delivered, there are no pickup facilities.

Shop with the confidence of 100% insured shipments and live tracking, plus free delivery on all orders over $250 – and simple returns.

Can you get Tequila in Australia?

Yes, you can buy a wide range of Tequilas in Australia, including some of the best quality Mexican spirits. We stock a large range of Tequila brands which are available online in Australia. We ship across the country and directly to your door.

As one of Australia's best online Tequila destinations, our focus is to curate niche premium spirits from Mexico for Australian drinkers. We import a large selection of agave-based spirits you’ll love, including Tequila, Mezcal, Raicilla and Sotol. Whether you are managing a bar or restaurant or simply keen to enjoy at home, we have you covered.

If you’re interested in buying Tequila online in Australia, you may also be interested in our cocktail kits, agave nectars, salts, sipping glasses,  and a range of other Mexican spirits.

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