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Perro Desterrado Craft Gin

This gin breaks the mould of the everyday juniper bomb and eucalypt Botanics. This gin is made in a tequila distillery using gluten-free corn grain, which makes it smooth enough to sip neat, yet vibrant enough to notice it is very different to the same old gins on the market. You won't be disappointed with this Gin.

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Product Description

This artisanal craft gin is brought to life with ancestral Mexican Botanics, gluten-free corn grain. Avocado leaf, marigold, mint, lime and juniper are merged into the distillation done at an old Tequila distillery in Jalpa, Jalisco, Mexico. Perro Craft Mexican gin is breaking the mould of the standard neutral grain spirit-based juniper bomb and ‘local botanics’.

Smells Like

Marigold, avocado leaf, mint and lime with subtle hints of juniper.

Tastes Like

Vegetal sweetness and fresh lemon zest

How It Is Made

Botanicals from Mexico’s ancestral flavours, give this Mexican craft gin a unique profile when combined with the base spirit of a gluten-free corn grain that has been distilled 5 times. After this 5th distillation, the maceration of all ingredients is combined and re-distilled for a 6th time to give it that London dry finish. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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Agave / Plant Type


6 Times


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