Mezcal Peloton Criollo

A mezcal created from wild and the vary rare agave Criollo. Found remotely in the central valleys of Guerrero. At 50% it packs a punch but it's tropical and warm, not smoky or offensive.

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Product Description

Using wild agave Criollo, master mezcalero Hector Obregon makes this very special mezcal, that rarely is seen in Mexico and much less outside of the country. Agave Criollo is a species of Angustifolia, known as v. Rubescens.

Smells Like

Hints of flowers and fresh rain finished with gentle smoke

Tastes Like

Bright candied red apple and sweet caramel and viscous mouth coat

How It Is Made

Using will Agave Criollo, a species of Angustifolia, known as A. Rubescens, this agave takes 6-8 Years to reach maturity, where it is roasted in a 4-tonne oven, then fermented for about 5 days in open-air pine vats, then double distilled, first in a 200L copper alembic still, and then the second distillation is done in a Filipino still with a wood hat. The mezcal is then rectified using tails and water to bring it to proof. A delicious and rare high proof mezcal. We are honoured to exclusively import this brand to Australia.

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Copper and Clay



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