Sotol La Higuera Leiophyllum

Sotol production was banned till the early 90's by the Mexican government. There is a deep mystery to the desert plant used to make Sotol and it all starts with this miraculously harvested and hearty Daisylirion Leiopyhillum species used in production.

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Master distiller Gerardo Ruelas is considered the leader of sotol production in Mexico. His legacy in Sotol production has evolved in so many ways through unique creations, to diversity of the Sotol plants he procures and the history of the region and terroir he works in. La Higuera Sotol strives to go beyond the classic expressions of Sotol.

Smells Like

Herbs, grass and grilled fats

Tastes Like

Herbal woody resin and charred bbq fat

How It Is Made

Sotol production all starts with the land. Selecting only the best sotol piñas to harvest, then pit cooking them in earthen rock-lined ovens. The cooked Daisylirions are split by hand and axe, then further ground by human force with timber mallets to extract as much sugar as possible. Wild yeast is added to the pine vats to kick start fermentation and then double distilled in copper pot stills to extract as much flavour and aroma for the final spirit.

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