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Estancia Raicilla 40%

Australian owned and Mexican made, the Raicilla that sent the world crazy with its vibrant, fresh flavours and approachable style. Sip me, shoot me, cocktail me.

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Australian Owned.
Mexican Made.

Product Description

The distillery in Jalisco, Mexico is Australian owned and run. We bring a sustainability focus to keep locals employed, the family together in addition to reducing our impact on the earth. The bottle is made from recycled coke and tequila glass and we utilise only the natural resources from the area to complete its production. Replanting Agaves, reforesting the timber we use and recycling the left over agave compost.

Smells Like

Fresh botanicals and fresh yellow fruits.

Tastes Like

A vibrant gin like profile with strong fruit flavour of pineapple and nectarines finished with gentle smoke.

How It Is Made

Our process begins by harvesting our wild agave Maximiliana and cooking it for 2 days in an above-ground adobe brick oven. The cooked agave hearts are ground to a pulp using a trituadora machine “mechanical shredder” before the juice and fibres are fermented in open oak barrels and clay amphoras using wild airborne yeasts. When the ferment is ready it is double distilled in copper alembic stills to create Estancia’s aromatic Raicilla. The flavour of our spirit is very much a product of the highland climate and the rich red soils where our Agaves grow. These high altitudes, along with our production process, create the floral aromas that make this spirit truly special.

We are proud to be Aussie owners of this worldwide brand and also to have the exclusive distribution rights to share it with you here in Australia.

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Product Reviews (4)

5 / 5

4 reviews for Estancia Raicilla 40%

  1. Boris

    Best tequila I’ve ever had. Haven’t drank anything else since I’ve discovered it at Brighton Dan Murphy. I have it straight or on the rocks

  2. Tommy Salmon

    this complex spirit takes you on a journey with each sip, enjoyed best neat no need to add anything it’s perfect straight out of the bottle, a unique flavour that must be experienced.

  3. Ian Sleeth

    Make no mistake this Tequila is absolutely sensational, a wonderful spirit indeed, both on its own or mixed with Senor Maguey Agave Nectar and lime. Just sensational! (what I would call an authentic Mexican Tequila).
    On a personal note, the staff at agavelux go above and beyond with their customer service. The whole experience, product advice and delivery packaging just gives it that nice ‘old school touch’, that we miss so much these days. Well done agavelux.

  4. Niki

    Ok, so this bottle didn’t last very long! Am absolutely loving Raicilla over Tequila and Mezcal and the Estancia was fantastic! It’s hands down the best spirit that I’ve come across to make a tommy’s margarita. It was so good I actually didn’t even try it as a sipper! Will be ordering more so will have to try it like that and post another review.

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