Estancia Pulque Distillate

Australian owned and Mexican made we broke the boundaries here and left Jalisco to source the best Pulque we could find to distil into a clear liquid.

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Australian Owned.
Mexican Made.

Product Description

Estancia’s Master Distiller, Aussie Rio Chenery, left La Estancia De Landeros in search of the best Pulque distillate. During this search, he crossed paths with Maestro Rodolfo de Razo, highly regarded as the Master of Pulquero, from the region of Tlaxcala. Master Rodolfo can be found working away in the small town of Rancho San Isidro, smack bang in the middle of Mexico City and the state of Puebla. The fresh minty and menthol notes fill your airways whilst hints of spice and liquorice coat the mouth.

Smells Like

The crystal clear distillate has the scent of freshly cut agave, menthol and mint. Yeasty notes linger.

Tastes Like

Spicy wintergreen flavours with hints of liquorice.

How It Is Made

Pulque in its natural fermented form is a milky white liquid that for centuries has been consumed for its health properties. It is almost like a sap style liquid produced by the agave when the head shoot of leaves are cut and the flesh is exposed. The plant bleeds its milky liquid and that is turned into the traditional Pulque. We don’t take that liquid, we take the leftover agave and re-use the heart of the Salmiana Manso to produce Pulque distillate.

We have partnered with Don Rodolfo to continue our sustainability ethos and take his remaining agave hearts and apply double distillation to produce a delicious 46% distillate. Batch sizes are limited to 500 Liters runs, fermentation occurs in fibreglass. Stills are copper pot and the agave is the huge Salmiana-Menso. We are proud to be part of the Aussie owners collective that exports this brand worldwide and share’s it with you here in Australia.

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