Burrito Ancestral Castilla Mezcal

Rare, hand painted bottles and individually unique. Ancestral distillation is used to slowly and meticulously distil the complexity of this expression. Delivering the most exciting and complex flavours from any mezcal of its region. 10 to 12-year-old agave Castilla gives an intense minerality, dried lemon and smoked wood flavour finished with a rich velvet texture.

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Product Description

Burrito Fiestero Ancestral Castilla is born from the Ancestral way of distillation in the hometown of Durango, Mexico. This Castilla Agave is found on the lower valleys of El Mezquital. It is wild and very scarce, this huge maguey has very long green and narrow leaves. Ancestral distillation consists of using very small and difficult-to-handle clay pots that hold the fermented mash as it simmers away. These clay pots impart a soft and tannic texture with a distinctive earthen mouthfeel to the Mezcal. The upper chamber is a Filipino wooden still, adding soft wooden notes to the complex liquid. Once the alcohol vapours condense, the drops land on a handmade timber paddle and run through a bamboo pipe into the collector. Distilled a second time to leave only the best Mezcal.

Smells Like

Subtle citrus and herbaceous flavours finished with gentle smoke and buttery notes.

Tastes Like

Sweet agave, dried lemon and herbs finished with a nice smoked wood flavour.

How It Is Made

Harvested by hand with axes, 10 to 12-year-old agaves are handpicked when the maximum sugar content is achieved. The agave piñas are cooked underground for 72 hours in our volcanic rock pit oven. Once cooked they are removed from the pit and further milled by hand in the Ancestral way. Using mountain spring water the fermentation is done in tiny 300-litre wooden vats. Open-air fermentation lasts for 3- 5 days and is activated with wild airborne yeast.

Double-distilled with the use of bagasse (spent agave fibres) in small clay and wooden Filipino style stills. The runoff is then filtered and bottled at still strength. Whilst the Mezcal is being made, the bottles are meticulously hand-painted and labelled by the locally employed artisans. This Castilla Mezcal is rare and extremely limited, each bottle is uniquely hand-painted and a collector’s item.

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