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Explore - Educate - Elevate - One sip at a time.

We exist to build a sustainable community of Agave lovers that help to carry forward the rich history, ancient traditions and continue the Agave Spirit legacy for years to come.
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About Us

The Agave Lux Vision

To be Australia’s leading supplier of Agave Distillates. The partner of choice for exploration, education and elevating drinking occasions.

Our Purpose

To be Australia’s leading supplier of Agave Distillates. The partner of choice for exploration, education and elevating drinking occasions.

Our Core Values


Energy. Enthusiasm. Love. Excitement. We exist because we are passionate about agave spirits, and we thrive on sharing this with others. Passion is how we started, it is what keeps us going and what excites us about the future of this amazing category and the people we connect with around the world.


We operate with integrity in everything we do, which means being authentic, genuine, honest and reliable. We always maintain the highest level of moral principles when it comes to honouring the traditional artisan and ancestral craft of agave spirits. We support traditional producers by building cross-border gateways for economic sustainability, and we do it respectfully.


We set the benchmark for service, we live and breath the servicing of our producers, our customers and our consumers. We mutually benefit from the success of our partners and suppliers, they are more than just customers, they are part of our Agave family and community. Your customer is also our customer.
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Our Expertise


We transport you to Mexico to immerse you through our diverse portfolio. We provide consumers a gateway to safely and comfortably learn more about what they are tasting and why. Whether in a bar, at home or an event, we bring to life the region, terroir, climate, the Agave Plant and ultimately the role of the Maestro, their family and the local community in shaping what’s in your glass.


We offer 2 key training elements to break down barriers and dispel misinformation. Our first is our in-venue training that enables the front-of-house team to best champion the category with confidence, and the second is our Agave School offering exclusive online education. By providing the tools for our community to deep dive into the terroir of Mexico, the plant, the agriculture, the people, distillation techniques and the rich history, it allows our community to make better, informed and responsible choices.


Regardless of the occasion, we aim to elevate it. We elevate the flavour, aroma, or complexity in your glass, whether through flavoursome cocktails, amazing sippers or just creating a better drinking occasion amongst your circle of friends, one sip at a time.

The Magic

We Are Storytellers:

We transport you to regional Mexico to see, smell, feel, walk and touch the land where your Agave is grown before we head into the private home and distillery of the Maestro. It is here where you will see the labour-intensive, hand-crafted and methodical work happen to cook, crush, ferment and distill the agave into a refined complex liquid that together we can sip and savour.

We Create Gateways:

We support traditional producers by exclusively sourcing direct from the producer. By doing this we build a sustainable, cross border economy, unlocking a gateway for Australian consumers to connect with rare and exclusive Agave Spirits that otherwise would not make it to our shores. Sustainability is extended to financial, as much as environmental, we give back to the producer to contribute to the improvement of life and their legacy.

Doing Good In The Community

We take a lead in social and environmental causes that allow us to re-invest in Mexican projects and humanitarian/social causes. The direct improvement of life/environment in Mexico is some we focus on improving. Our mantra remains to give back to the people and land we utilise.

Who Are Agave Lux

Founded, lead, managed and run by Directors Howard Baynie and Justin Kosmina we focus on providing the best service in market built on a platform of trust. We have over 25 years of liquor and FMCG experience to help us build the best business model and commercial outcomes for your business. We own our own distillery, we own our own tequila bar, we own our business and most of all, we own our outcome. We are passionate about what we do and who we do it with. What started as a hobby for us has rapidly grown into our futures. Bringing you some of the rarest, complex aged products from Mexico to your door. We look to support you and the people of Mexico through this journey.