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We do not dream of being the biggest, our vision is to be the best independent supplier of premium Agave spirits in Australia.

The partner you can trust for supplying the right Independent, sustainable and fair-trade premium Mexican spirits to Australian bars and Australian Households.

Dangerous Don

Dangerous Don

‘Invest in memories: They are the only things you can take with you’

Thea Cumming, creator and owner of Dangerous Don, went travelling around the USA, and ended up popping over to Mexico, where she met Frank, a man who would mix Mezcal with instant coffee and sugars. Thea thought, ‘There’s got to be something to that!’. And so she began a journey to creating the world’s first coffee infused Mezcal!

The world’s first triple distilled Coffee Mezcal from the valleys of Oaxaca. Distilled with organic Mexican NoamQuie Coffee beans.

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Estancia Raicilla

Estancia Raicilla

This Australian owned Raicilla distillery bares all its flavour and aroma thanks to the environment provided by luscious volcanic mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental Jalisco, Mexico.

Further pronounced by the Australian born owner and master Distiller Rio Chenery.

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Mezcal De Leyenda

Mezcal De Leyendas

Mezcal De Leyendas are pioneers when it comes to Mezcal. First to be certified fair trade, sustainable, organic, kosher and the first to produce Mezcal from multiple Denomination of Origin (DO) regions under one label.

They promote, produce, and sell Mezcal because they know the social and economic difference they make to the marginalised communities of Mexico.

The profits go back to the collectives and families.

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Mezcal Machetazo Guerrero Cupreata - Pink

Mezcal Machetazo

Mezcal Machetazo follows a traditional mezcal production process that has been passed down through generations.

We are 100% hand crafted and follow organic procedures to bring you 3 distinct varieties from the states of Guerrero, Oaxaca and San Luis Potosi.

The name of our mezcal symbolizes a part of the complex labour intensive process behind Mezcal production. With the swing of the machete or “Machetazo” in Spanish our mezcal masters mark the beginning of the adventure behind making this mystical spirit.

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Mezcal Machetazo Guerrero Cupreata - Pink
Mezcal Mayalen Guerrero - Pink

Mezcal Mayalen

The name Mayalen is a variation of the Nahuatl word, Mayahuel, the goddess associated with the maguey plant in the Aztec culture. Mayahuel is also associated with fertility and nourishment.

Since 1949, the town of Mochitlán, Guerrero, has enjoyed the craftsmanship of our maestro mezcalero whose knowledge has been passed down as a family heirloom. Mayalen´s production is focused on the use of wild agave variations.

Every part of our production is supervised by our expert maestro mezcalero. Our product is 100% hand-crafted and organic. At Mezcal Mayalen, we respect the uniqueness of each lot and its original essence. The finesse and elegance of Mayalen’s superior quality is sure to satisfy any connoisseur.

We bring you 2 distinct expressions from the states of Guerrero.

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Peloton De La Muerte

This Espadin Mezcal, from the Central Valleys of Oaxaca, has been steeped in tradition and history born from the battle for Mexican Independence.

The perfect balance of fruits and smoke for cocktails and the Australian bonus is it comes in a 1 litre format. Top 10 selling Mezcal in USA

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Dangerous Don

Ron Prohibido

Ron Prohibido is a premium, artisan rum produced under 12 & 15 year solera systems in the 18th century tradition from when the Spanish ships would bring back Mexican rum in fortified wine barrels. Combined through blending aged rums in used raisin wine barrels.

Prohibited during the reign of the King of Spain Felipe V De Borbon, this alcohol beverage known as Chinguirito or Habanero returns with Ron Prohibido.

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Sotol Fabriquero

Sotol Fabriquero

Mexico’s first and oldest Sotol distillery produces this finest of Sotols.

With no corners cut, the sotol plants are hand-picked individually at peak ripeness and cooked for 5 days in a lava rock lined pit using acacia and mesquite.

They are then crushed by hand before moving to open air fermentation in concrete tanks.

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Sotol Fabriquero
Sotol Ono

Sotol Ono

“Ono ko iwitarime, ko’waame binoi arewa…wi’ri iwitarime Ono”
“Ono gives life & feeds the soul…long live the father”

For 800 years, the Tarahumara have produced sotol for their spiritual ceremonies, led by their revered Shaman (Ono). The soulfulness of Sotol, makes the first sip a pleasure to the palate. Ono means father in the Tarahumara language. Our distillate is named in honour of the indigenous people of this land, their ancestral traditions and amazing Sierra (mountains) Tarahumara.

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Tequila Corralejo

Mexico’s first distillery to commercially produces Tequila in the 1960’s.

Steeped in the history of Mexican Independence. Hacienda Corralejo is the birthplace for Miguel Hidalgo, the leader of the revolution.

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Tequila Corralejo