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Burrito Fiestero Ensamble Mezcal

Burrito Ensamble showcases two of Durango, Mexico's most prominent agaves. When Agave Cenizo (Durangensis) and Agave Verde (Cassispina) are brought together, harmony is created, leaving your tastebuds bouncing with flavour.

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Product Description

Burrito Ensamble was born from the co-production of the two most prominent wild agaves located in the state of Durango, Mexico. Agave Verde (Crissispina) has a stronger vegetal and spicy profile while the Agave Durangensis (Cenizo) has a fruity and smooth profile making this mezcal a perfect ensamble. Only the most prominent flavours and aromas of each Agave remain when blended together. Strong complex notes of flowers, fruit and spice coat the nose and mouth. Both Agaves are found in the region of Nombre de Dios in the state of Durango where Juan Conde and his family live and work in Hacienda Maguey.

The idea behind this expression is to use the abundantly available wild agaves of the region to deliver a more sustainable expression, maximum flavour and a fairer price. This ensamble delivers a sweet and savoury balance that agave aficionados will appreciate.

Smells Like

Fresh jalapeño, green peppers, caramelised fruits and smoked vegetables.

Tastes Like

Mint, Jalapeño, sweet spice, tropical fruits and a rich mineral texture.

How It Is Made

10 to 12-year-old agaves are hand-picked when the maximum sugar content is reached. Harvested by hand with the use of an axe, the agave piñas are cooked underground for 72 hours in a volcanic rock pit oven. Cooked agaves are then milled with a mechanical shredder, powered 100% by solar energy.

Fermentation is accelerated with natural airborne yeast in the small, open-air, 600-litre timber tanks for 5 – 8 days. The fermented mash is then double-distilled, with the heat source coming from recycled agave bagasse (spent agave fibres) in small copper stills. Filtered and bottled by hand by the local workforce.

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