La Venenosa Sierra Del Tigre

Del Tigre follows the ancestral Mezcal production process, pit-roasted, hand mashed, stone fermented and clay pot distilled. Del Tigre is true funk and cheese.

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Raicilla has been made in Mexico for over 500 years and pre-dates the pre-hispanic era. In its early forms, it would have been classed as agave distilled spirit, akin to Mezcal. With its recent Denomination of Origin Protection in 2019, Raicilla as a stand-alone category is booming. La Venenosa Raicilla is the OG brand when it comes to Raicilla. The brand was created in 2011 by chef and Maestro Esteban Morales to bring these hidden Raicilla gems to the global market. In this expression, La Venenosa Raicilla Sierra del Tigre is made by master Taberenero Don Luis Contreras in the village of Manzanilla de la Paz, which is approximately 2,000 metres above sea level.

Smells Like

Strawberries, cheese, wet soil.

Tastes Like

Strawberries, yeast, sweet agave juice.

How It Is Made

This Raicilla is made from agave Inaquidens, which is locally known as Bruto. Limited, rare and super small 700L annual productions are all we see. This agave grows wild in coniferous forests and it is big, over 50kgs. The use of black oak timber allows prolonged heat for pit roasting, the same way Mezcal is cooked, as opposed to Raicilla’s traditional adobe oven roasting. Left to cook for 5 days, it is then crushed manually with wooden mallets. Fermentation occurs in wooden tubs for about 10 days, then distilled, with the agave fibres in clay pots. The still used for this Raicilla is clay and Filipino style, so the imparting of earth and minerality from clay and timbers stills adds an amazing body for this single distilled Raicilla. It rests for a minimum of 1 month before being bottled. This is a rare La Venenosa. We are proud to exclusively share this brand with Australia.

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Product Reviews (3)

5 / 5

3 reviews for La Venenosa Sierra Del Tigre

  1. Jordan

    5 stars! What flavour – delicious blue cheese and agave! The best from La Venenosa in my opinion and that includes the Tusti (although this is nice also). Works as well as a white spirit as a dark – great in a Tommy’s, great in a Negroni, great in an Old Fashioned!

  2. Alex

    really happy this is readily available now. Finished off a few bottles of this at Mamasita over the years and it’s great to be able to have it any time.

  3. Tim

    Blue cheese or funky socks – you decide. It’s big and out there as soon as you open the bottle, but mellows in the mouth. It’s a sipper for me, and one that wants something strong to eat with it. A++ will drink again.

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