Mezcal Peloton Criollo Citric Pechuga

A true vegan pechuga, distilled with mandarines and oranges (no protein) to add that fresh bubblegum flavour. Great as a sipper on its own or used to add some sweet citrus to your cocktail.

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A Vegan Pechuga from Guerrero, merged using a field blend of 2 agaves, Cupreata and Criollo, double-distilled with local aromatics and fruits that hang from the still to add intense citric and freshness. Peloton de la Muerte is a collection of Mezcales making artisanal mezcales that are not only highly enjoyable neat but offers great diversity to be mixed.

Smells Like

A candied orange and lemon freshness with intense sweet citrus

Tastes Like

A herbaceous yet sweet interplay of mandarin and orange layers

How It Is Made

A field blend of 2 agaves, Cupreata and Criollo that gets cooked, fermented and double-distilled together. These agaves native to the central part of Guerrero are produced in Mazatlan Guerrero. On the 2nd distillation, Maestro Mezcalero Rodolfo Obregon uses a family recipe of adding the pechuga of maguey, citric, herbs and spices like anise and cinnamon during the distillation.

This agave takes 8-10 years to reach maturity, they are roasted in a 5-ton pit using local oak, fermented in open-air pine vats, double distilled in 300L copper alembic still and rectified using tails and water. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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