Mezcal Mayalen Guerrero Cupreata

Maestro Jose Uribe is regarded as the King of Cupreata, he shares his family recipe with us. This might be 54% but it is smooth like tropical water.

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Organically and sustainably certified our Guerrero variety was inspired by those who are warriors at heart. A completely hand-crafted and organic process is incorporated into its production from beginning to end. It is potent with notes of white pepper and hints of citrus. Its high alcohol content of 54% makes it a popular and demanding drink, especially amongst savvy mezcal connoisseurs.

Smells Like

Rich, taut structure with lively and herbaceous aromas

Tastes Like

Upfront butterscotch, tamarind and wild berries that transform into subtle dark chocolate Cacao, leather, and spicey notes that continue through to the finish.

How It Is Made

The age of maturity for Cupreata Agaves varies but generally occurs at any time from 7-15 years to ensure the ideal concentration of natural sugars and minerals in the heart of the agave or piña. We pick these closer to 15 years to ensure only the best hearts make it into the flagship Guerrero Cupreata expression.

It is roasted underground for 4 days, crushed by tahona, fermented in open-air tanks with natural yeasts for another 5 days and double distilled to create an amazing expression for what Mayalen is known for, producing unrivalled Cupreata. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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