Mezcal De Leyendas Limited Edition Durango 'Verde' Scabra

Low yielding, highly concentrated flavours yet very difficult to work with, this Agave Scabra scares many maestros off, but we see a real point of difference here.

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Maestro ‘Gil’ Gilberto Roldán Quezada is a fourth generation mezcalero with over 20 Years of experience in artisanal mezcal production in Nombre de Dios, Durango. Located in the semi desertic Altiplano duranguense, northwest Mexico this region of Mexico is well known for its biodiversity and breadth of agave species. This Durango Verde (A. Scabra) is common to the area but very few if any due to its low yield and difficult handling.

Smells Like

Dried herbs like alfalfa and hay

Tastes Like

Well balanced, rich minerality

How It Is Made

This maguey Verde (A. Scabra) is pit-cooked, mechanically ground, fermented in wooden vats and distilled with a mixed alembic of copper and wood. Seldom used in mezcal production this agave Scabra is low yielding & difficult to handle. Producing 1L of mezcal per 25 kgs of Agave and reaching maturity over a 10 to 12-year life cycle. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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Copper and wood



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Limited Edition

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