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Burrito Fiestero Cenizo

An everyday sipper or cocktail dream. Mezcal Burrito Fiestero is created with passion, focusing on delivering the purest flavours of Northern Mexico by using traditional artisanal methods in small batch productions. Hand made, organic and sustainably produced at their new distillery in Nombre de Dios, Durango, Mexico.

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Product Description

Burrito Fiestero Mezcal is made from wild agave Durangensis, commonly known as Cenizo, which is endemic to the state of Durango. Durango is known for its multiple microclimates, terroir and agave diversity. At Burrito for each bottle, we produce we replant 1 agave. 1 Cenizo Agave produces 8 more bottles of Mezcal. By replanting more than we take we ensure the ongoing sustainability of this key ingredient which takes 12-14 years to mature in-ground.

Our new distillery has been purpose-built to be fully sustainable, using solar power, rebuilt with spent agave fibres and local earth to make our mud bricks. Our bottles are made from recycled glass, our labels are made from recycled agave fibres and our cardboard is also 100% recycled along with organic recycled black ink.

Smells Like

A pronounced fruity fresh and sweet aroma finished with citric notes.

Tastes Like

Full-bodied tropical fruits with rich minerality and gentle smoke.

How It Is Made

Maestro Mezcalero Juan Manuel Conde and his team use traditional techniques to bring out the best flavours and aromas from our agaves. We shave the leaves (penca’s) as close as we can to reveal the purest of white flesh and load up the burrito to transport the hearts down the mountain to begin the production process.

We cook for 72 hours in volcanic rock pits, mill the cooked agave into small pieces using axes before we open ferment in timber coffin vats. Our final step is a slow double distillation in small copper stills to allow the utmost balance, flavour and aroma to be captured into your glass.

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  1. David Williamson

    A very smooth tequila very easy to drink just over ice looking forward to making margaritas

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