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Sotol Ono

A perfect Sotol for entry into the category and mixing with cocktails. This Sotol is a 100% cedrosanum. It is cooked and produced like Mezcal but from a different genus of plant, it is not made from Agave.

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Product Description

100% cedrosanum distillate made from the heart of the dasylirion plant, of the Asparagaceae family. Dasylirion is the same name the indigenous use from the north of Mexico. The word Sotol is derived from the Nahuatl language and it means ‘the sweat of the head’. Native tribes like Anasazi, Tarahumara, Tobso and the Apache all used the plant as far back as 200 bc. The Raramuri people call the plant the sereque.

Smells Like

Wet timbers, soil, with a hint of pine and lemongrass

Tastes Like

Surprisingly smooth ripe fruit and earthy notes. Long sweet fruits, citrus and minerality exude.

How It Is Made

This beautiful spirit is crafted by Gerardo Ruelas, a 3rd generation Sotolero and producer from the oldest distillery in Chihuahua. Ruelas has been fascinated with sotol and the thrill of discovery from a young age, experimenting with different recipes as he strives to make the perfect sotol. This Sotol is picked at between 12 to 15 years of age before it is roasted in a shallow pit oven using willow & Oak firewood. The water source is natural spring water. Then hand-milled by an axe.

Fermentation occurs over 6 days in 1000 L pinewood tanks. Once complete, distillation is done twice in copper stills. We are honoured to exclusively import this brand to Australia.

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