Worm Up Habanero Salt EXTRA HOT

Hot as F*ck !! 100% vegan and handcrafted by Abuelita (grandma) in the tropical lands of Yucatan, using local ingredients the old traditional way. Powder thin granules show just how hard she hand mills all the ingredients.

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Product Description

A combination of wood fire cooked habanero chilli, chipotle chilli and local sea salts combine to deliver maximum spice. A pinch is all you need to salt the rim of your cocktail glass, to sprinkle over fruits or your favourite cut of meats.

Smells Like

Spicy peppers and exotic flowers

Tastes Like

Extra spicy and very hot, an explosion of fire and thunder in your mouth.

How It Is Made

All ingredients are cooked over open flames on a steel hot plate for over 3 hours. Once completely dried out they are finely ground by hand using stone mortars and manual pressure to release all the cooked flavours into a fine powder form. We ensure minimal wastage throughout the ancestral techniques used to make this spicy salt. All ingredients are locally sourced and made under the watchful eye of nuestro Abuelita (our grandmother). Authenticity and flavour jumps out of the 100gram jars. Worm Up offers the world a rainbow of exquisite flavours made in the communes and villages of regional Mexico.

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