Tequila Corralejo Reposado

This tequila is aged for four months in French, American and Mexican oak barrels. This process, which involves the use of three types of wood, takes the art of making tequila to the next level.

Product Description

Corralejo’s Hacienda was founded in 1566 by Spanish rulers and in 1755 first began producing Tequila. The hacienda and brand itself are symbols of Independence and Pride of Mexico. It is one of the oldest Tequila’s to produced in Mexico and the birthplace of Father Miguel Hidalgo who is recongised as one of the major contributing figures to Mexico’s Independece in 1821.

Smells Like

Agave cooked with refreshing grapefruit and lime citrus notes.

Tastes Like

Smooth citrus notes with a lingering flavour evoking vanilla wood tones.

How It Is Made

It takes 7 – 12 years to grow Blue Weber agave in the privately-owned Fields in Penjamo, Guanajuato. The 100% Blue Agave is slowly cooked in stone clay ovens (called Horno’s) for 36 hours. It is then cooked via steam pressure inside the traditional stone hornos.

Once the agave is cooked to a lovely caramel brown colour, it is then milled through shredders and crushers to extract the sweat juice at between 11 and 12 brix (a sweetness measure). This extracted juice is then pumped into the fermentation vats where a further 36 to 40 hours of fermentation occurs. The fermentation tanks have a capacity of 19,000 litres and at an approximate temperature of 30-35 degrees celsius, combined with the addition of lab created yeasts, we see the sugars, fibres and oxygen combine to create alcohol. Once the fermentation process is complete the fermented juice commences its next step of distillation.

All Corralejo Tequila see’s double distillation, the first, in a column still, the second, is in alembic copper pot stills. What sets Corralejo apart from other tequila producers is the use of the Charentais distillation method, it is completely unique to Corralejo. This distillation method is centuries old, and perfected by the French, for the exclusive use in making Cognac. Charentais distillation is proven to extract the maximum flavour and aroma’s during distillation. Corralejo Reposado see’s 4 months of aging in French, American and Mexican oak barrels before being bottled.

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Product Reviews (2)

5 / 5

2 reviews for Tequila Corralejo Reposado

  1. Daniel pym

    Amazing smooth tequila.
    It’s going to be a cocktail and party favourite.
    Highly recommend

  2. Sam G

    This isn’t like Tequila that you’re probably used to drinking… this actually tastes good! Very good in fact. This quality tequila doesn’t burn your throat, and you don’t need salt or lime. Highly recommended!

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