Estancia Raicilla 45%

Australian owned and Mexican made, this is our higher proof version we exclusively grow and pick from the volcanic soil side of the mountain, our single estate harvest. The result is a little nerdier in its flavours and complexity.

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Australian Owned.
Mexican Made.

Product Description

Australian owned and run this Raicilla, using Maximilliana grown high in the mountains of the Sierra Madre Occidental from a single volcanic soil site is all about higher proof and complexity. Natural resources from the area are used to complete its production. But the rich minerality exudes from the volcanic soil, sun and high altitude from this single site.

Smells Like

Botanics, Citrus, Salted Caramel

Tastes Like

Prominent stone fruit’s, pineapple and gentle smoke. You can feel the warmth of the higher ABV coming through on the palate.

How It Is Made

Our process begins by roasting wild agave Maximiliana pinas for 2 days in an above-ground adobe brick oven. The pinas are ground to a pulp using a trituadora machine before the juice and fibres are fermented in open oak barrels and clay amphoras using wild airborne yeasts.

When the ferment is ready it is double distilled in copper alembic stills to create Estancia’s aromatic Raicilla. Only we maintain higher proof and ABV. The flavour of our spirit is very much a product of the highland climate and the specific volcanic site we harvest from for this limited release where darker and richer red soils grow these specific agave’s.

The higher altitude, along with our production process, create the floral aromas that make this spirit truly special. We are proud to be Aussie owners of this worldwide brand and also to have the exclusive distribution rights to share it with you here in Australia.

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Estancia Raicilla



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