Mezcal Machetazo Oaxaca Espadin

When it comes to value for money, this bold Espadin Mezcal we keep a secret to ensure it does not sell out. Richer, heavier and smokier, although the smoke does not mask the agaves beauty

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Product Description

Organically and sustainably certified Agave Espadin, native to the state of Oaxaca. Our Mezcal Machetazo Espadin 45% has subtle floral notes with a light spicy finish. These are influenced by the tropical desert climate where our distillery is located. Espadin reaches maturity and an ideal sugar concentration between 8–12 Years. The mezcal master must cut the leaves (penca’s) at this time, soon before it starts to flower and sprout a quiote. Like our Cupreata varieties, the Espadin agaves are cooked in an earthen oven releasing aromas of roasted fruit.

Smells Like

Citric aromas and spice

Tastes Like

Roasted fruit flavours with an oily texture and spicy finish

How It Is Made

Influenced by the sub-tropical climate where the distillery is located. The Espadin Agaves reach maturity at an ideal sugar concentration between 8 -12 years and are cooked in an earthen oven releasing aromas of roasted fruit.

It is roasted underground for 3 days, crushed by tahona, fermented in open-air tanks with natural yeasts for another 5 days and double distilled to create an amazing and gently smoked expression of Espadin. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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Mezcal Machetazo



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