Bacanora Yoowe 'Pacifica'

Bacanora, a Mezcal by definition, adopts its name from the municipality of Bacanora where it is believed, began the production of this spirit first began.

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Bacanora is an ancestral drink that is part of the Sonoran culture to the northwest of Mexico. A mezcal by definition, but a Bacanora by classification. In 1994 Bacanora obtained recognition under the denomination of origin protection. This distilled drink adopts its name from the municipality of Bacanora where it is believed that production first began. Production, nowadays, extends to many parts of the state of Sonora mainly in the Serrana regions. For decades during the early years of the 1900s, its production was banned, prohibited and ever saw people persecuted under the rule of Plutarco Elias Calles who was governor of the state of Sonora and later president of Mexico. However, this clandestine spirit survived.

Smells Like

Intense minerality and sweet jasmine flowers with a light sea breeze finish from the pacific ocean where the agave is grown.

Tastes Like

Mint, peppermint and jalapeno flavours. A creamy and gentle smoke aftertaste.

How It Is Made

Ramon Miranda’s Yoowe Bacanora is made in the village of Alamos in southern Sonora. This Bacanora is made from agave Angustifolia Haw (maguey Pacifica). The agave is cooked in a traditional underground oven (using the same cooking techniques as Mezcal) with mesquite and oak. It is then ground mechanically and fermented for 8 days in food-grade plastic containers activated with wild yeast.

There are two distillations in stainless steel alembic stills giving it a lite fresh finish. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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