Sotol Fabriquero Durango

For over 100 years this Sotol Vinata has been running and today is only 1 of 2 vinatas in Durango. A honey cheese bomb like no other

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Product Description

Fabriquero Sotol is produced from wild Dasylirion wheeleri, known as “The Desert Spoon.” Currently one of only two sotols produced in Durango, Fabriquero Sotol is made by Don Héctor Jiménez using traditional methods passed down to him in his father’s vinata – or distillery – that has been producing this spirit for close to 100 Years. The sotol plants are 100% estate-grown, and at maturity are half of the size of typical agave plants.

Smells Like

Instant wafts of sweet funky cheese and strong minerality.

Tastes Like

A true underlying richness of violet blossoms and massive round complexity comes from the acacia wood used to cook the piñas.

How It Is Made

Before harvesting the sotol plant, they have to identify the ripest plants, as these have the most amount of sugar, thus producing the best Sotol. The ripest desert spoon plants are then shaved clean from their leaves and removed from their base, using a sotol machete, leaving just the hearts or the piñas of the plants. The piñas are then cooked in underground lava rock-lined ovens, to transform the starches into fermentable sugars. To cook the heart of the plants we use endemic woods like mesquite and acacia giving this sotol a very unique flavour. The cooked piñas are then crushed by hand, as the yeasts and other microorganisms need to have as much contact with the sugars within the fibres to convert to alcohol.

The mashed sotol and its juices are then macerated in open-air concrete vats. These are ground level to maintain a more constant temperature as this desert climate will have very large temperature shifts. The natural yeasts will convert the sugars into alcohol in 4-5 days on average. Once the yeasts have consumed all the fermentable sugars to alcohol, the entire contents of the fermentation tanks are put into a copper alembic still. Using a wood-fired still, this sotol goes through two distillation runs removing the congeners from the heads and tails. We are honoured to exclusively import this brand to Australia.

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Product Reviews (2)

4.5 / 5

2 reviews for Sotol Fabriquero Durango

  1. Jordan

    FULL. ON. FLAVOR. is what you should be expecting when you try this. Cheesy, sweet and lingers on the palate for a long time. You’ll either love it or hate it based on personal taste but there’s no denying that this spirit is exceptionally high quality and that it will shock your taste buds into next week. A great example of a versatile white spirit that just works in dark spirit cocktails (such as an old fashioned). A real contender with La Venenosa Sierra del Tigre for king of cheese!

  2. rob

    what a totally unusual drop! but oh so nice to your mouth. Yes it does smell like funky cheese (reminds me of toobs), but the flavour is smooth and very morish. You have been warned. ENJOY!!

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