Raicilla Tommy's Margarita Cocktail Kit

The world famous Tommy's Margarita, with a fruity Raicilla twist.


When drinking quality matters to you, look no further than these 2 key ingredients we have carefully curated for you. Simple recipes, coupled with clean spirits and clean ingredients make for better cocktails.

Our Tommy’s Margarita Cocktail kit over-delivers when you replace Tequila for Raicilla, to give it a fruitier twist. Combine our Estancia Raicilla and Senor Maguey Organic Agave Nectar and just add freshly squeezed lime juice.

Add one of our Hibiscus or Chilli salts to your order for extra flavour. Note the Estancia Raicilla is an Australian-owned brand, Mexican-made in our distillery in Mexico.

Bundle Contains
  • Estancia Raicilla ‘Maximiliana’ 40% – 750mL
  • Senor Maguey Organic Agave Nectar – 750mL

Cocktail Instructions

  • 60mL Estancia Raicilla.
  • 30mL Fresh Lime Juice.
  • 15mL Senor Maguey Organic Agave Nectar.
  1. Add all ingredients to your ice-filled shaker.
  2. Optional - Salt the rim of your tumbler glass.
  3. Half fill your tumbler with ice.
  4. Shake your cocktail shaker for 15-20 seconds.
  5. Pour over your ice-filled tumbler glass.
  6. Enjoy!

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