Mezcal Machetazo San Luis Potosi 'Salmiana'

When it comes to value for money this green capsicum and jalapeno blast is one we keep a secret so as not to sell out. Hands down one of the best Salmiana's in Australia. Trust us, we have tasted them all and keep searching globally for more. This will leave you wanting more

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Organically and sustainably certified this wild Salmiana agave grown in the state of San Luis Potosi takes 7 Years to mature. Mezcal Machetazo Salmiana Grown in calcareous soils in Central Mexican plateau in the state of San Luis Potosí, Agave Salmiana “Green Giant” weighing in at about 70kgs harvested takes 10 -12 years to reach maturity. The semi-arid climate of the region and wild agave gives way to lively flavours of crisp vegetation and citrus

Smells Like

Vegetal, bright nose with spicy aromas

Tastes Like

Vegetal and peppery, with a deep earthy flavour profile and a rustic fingerprint of stone tub fermentation

How It Is Made

The production process of our Mezcal Machetazo Salmiana 45% differs from common mezcal cooking because these piñas are cooked through vaporization in above-ground ovens, resulting in a less smoky flavour. The sloped construction of the distillery’s floor ensures consistent fluidity as the liquid from the cooked agaves trickles down by way of gravity.

The piñas are then cooked for over 30 hours through vapour generated by a pot/boiler fuelled by dry maguey known as mezote, organic material previously dried in the dessert. Crushed by tahona and then left to ferment in concrete pools. 3 days later the fermented juice is distilled by gradually heating the liquid to produce vapour: the liquid passes through one distillation.

The refiner’s technology is such that one distillation in the copper bell is the equivalent to passing the liquid through 4 separate distillations. This distillation process is like no other and gives the Salmiana a unique rustic mouth feel with earthen stone flavours that leave a sweet finish. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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1 review for Mezcal Machetazo San Luis Potosi ‘Salmiana’

  1. Jordan

    Wow! The description above really gets it right when it comes to the unique flavours of this mezcal. Capsicum and chilli vibes really come through, but not in an offputting way. The juice itself is of the highest quality – no harshness or burn. Finally, the price comes in at a respectable $99 – about par for the best of other classes of spirits such as rum and gin (which is something as mezcals are expensive). For me its the holy trinity: excellent quality, completely unique and reasonabily priced. This one’s going in the pantheon for me.

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