Mezcal De Leyendas Rare Reservas de la Biosfera

We have the last 8 bottles left anywhere in the world. We were fortunate to secure a second allocation after the first sold out. Never to be made again, 1 of 555 bottles.

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‘Reservas de la Biosfera’ is a once-off, extremely rare this Mezcal, dedicated to the most important national parks in Mexico. This mezcal comes from the southern limits of Puebla bordering with Oaxaca, where you will find the largest cactus reserve in the world. This limited release supports the Tehuacán-Cuicatlán, with the proceeds of this bottle being contributed to the conservation of regional Cactaceae from these national parks. This is an ensamble of agave marmorata and agave macrocantha. 1 of 555 rare bottles. Fair Trade, Organic and Kosher.

Smells Like

sweet cooked agave, seawater salinity

Tastes Like

Mineral saline notes, slight peaty notes, very long finish

How It Is Made

This delicious mezcal is a collaboration of 3 generations coming together, Don Bernardo, his grandfather and first-generation mezcalero, his son Don José and son Aquilino, third-generation; who have the fortune of being able to work together. Made from a delicious ensamble of Agave marmorata & macrocantha. With the express permission from the local community and local authority responsible for the care and upkeep of the natural reserve, we harvested two types of maguey from the region, Agave marmorata for the majority and agave macrocantha, also known as espadilla. Water is fresh from the local stream, the agave is cooked in a conical lava rock pit for 4 days and then fermented in wooden oak tanks with all-natural airborne yeasts for 8-10 days. Finished with double distillation in the copper alembic with serpentine. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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