Mezcal De Leyendas Rare Cementario Mezcalero

We have the last 3 bottles left anywhere in the world. We were fortunate to secure a second allocation after the first sold out. Never to be made again, 1 of 435 bottles.

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Cementerio Mezcalero’ (Mezcal Graveyard), honours an old tradition often related to small communities, in which some of the best ’mezcales’ are aged in glass containers, generally underground, to be later unearthed for family celebrations such as birthdays, weddings, and baptisms. The ‘desentierros mezcaleros‘ or mezcal unearthing, traditionally take place in Tzitzio, Michoacán, during the month of November, for the celebration of ‘Día de Muertos’, Day of the Dead. Unearthed in 2016, 9 months after being buried underground and aged in glass. Limited to a production of 435 bottles. Fair Trade, Organic, Kosher

Smells Like

lactic qualities, roasted chestnuts and dried fruit

Tastes Like

Buttery notes with mild smoke with high acidity and a long finish

How It Is Made

Don Guadalupe Pérez honours this antique tradition in his home town of Tzitzio, Michoacán, carefully crafting this delicious mezcal, and aged for 9 months in a glass demijohns, three feet under the earth, which accentuates its sweet and aged flavours. The Agave Americana Sahuayensis grows in western Michoacán, close to Jiquilpan and Sahuayo. It is a large agave, sometimes measures up to 2 metres in height and 40-100 kilos. Water is fresh local stream water, agave is cooked in a conical lava rock pit for 4 days, fermented in ground-level wooden oak tanks with all-natural airborne yeasts and then distilled in a copper alembic still with pinewood hat. Aged in glass for a minimum of 9 months and only 435 bottles ever made. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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Weight 3.6 kg

Agave / Plant Type





Master Distiller



Production Region


Copper Alembic



Limited Edition / Rarity


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