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Mezcal De Leyendas Grandes Leyendas

We have the last known bottle left, anywhere in the world. We were fortunate to secure a second allocation after the first sold out really quickly. 789 bottles made and shared to limited markets only. Never to be made again :(

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Product Description

Grandes Leyendas’ recognize great master mezcaleros over the age of 70, as a living homage of their impressive work effort throughout their lifetime. In this expression, we celebrate the beloved master Don Anastacio, who carefully and painstakingly creates this splendid ancestral mezcal, using wild agave cupreata from northern Guerrero. Released in 2016 and limited to 789 bottles. Fair Trade, Organic, Kosher

Smells Like

mellow notes of mature tropical fruits, orange blossom and light smoke

Tastes Like

A rich unctuous palate, bittersweet chocolate, orange peel

How It Is Made

Don Anastacio is an amazing master distiller who recently turned 72 years old, and who has over 60 years making mezcal. He learned from his father Don Florencio, at the young age of 12, learning the time-honoured craft of handmade mezcal. Agave cupreata grows wild in the low deciduous forest in northern Guerrero. Water comes from the fresh stream that flows next to the distillery. Maceration is done by hand with a club in a wooden canoe made from a hollowed-out fig tree, then fermented in small oak wooden vats and distilled in a copper metal pot with an oak hat. We are honoured to exclusively import and share this brand with Australia.

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