Hibiscus Margarita Cocktail Kit

Our world-famous Hibiscus Margarita cocktail kit.


When drinking better matters to you, look no further than these 3 key ingredients we have carefully curated for you.

Whether making a classic Margarita, or our favourite, the Hibiscus margarita, look no further than Corralejo Blanco, Senor Maguey Organic Agave Nectar and our delicious Hibiscus & Chipotle hand made salt.

Add as much, or as little, Agave Syrup or Hibiscus Salt as you like to make your cocktail pop.

Note the Blanco Tequila is a 1 Litre bottle and it will make approx 16 cocktails with 60mL shots, or 22 cocktails with 45mL shots.

Bundle Contains
  • Tequila Corralejo Blanco Bottle – 1L
  • Senor Maguey Organic Agave Nectar Bottle – 750mL
  • Worm Up Vegan Hibiscus Chipotle Salt – 100mL

Cocktail Instructions

  • 60mL Tequila Corralejo Blanco.
  • 30mL Fresh Lime Juice.
  • 15mL Senor Maguey Organic Agave Nectar.
  • A pinch or two of Worm Up Vegan Hibiscus Chipotle Salt.
  1. Add all ingredients to an ice-filled shaker.
  2. Salt the rim of your tumbler glass with some Hibiscus Salt.
  3. Half fill a tumbler glass with ice.
  4. Shake your cocktail shaker for 15-20 seconds.
  5. Pour cocktail over ice-filled tumbler glass.
  6. Garnish with a slice of lime & enjoy!

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