5 Sentidos Papalome 'Tobala'

A highly prized, tropical masterpiece by the Ramirez husband and wife team. Tobala from Puebla is one of our favourites.

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From the high desert of Southeastern Puebla, this beautiful expression of wild-harvested Papalome (A. Potatorum) is a tropical masterpiece, especially perfect for warmer weather. This master’s blend of 300 liters was distilled by maestro mezcalero Atelo Ramirez and his wife Laura Arriaga in the small village of Los Reyes Metzontla, Puebla. Don Atelo is the only mezcalero in his village and his mezcals are highly prized within the region for their vibrant flavours and approachability.

Smells Like

Brie cheese, tropical fruit and green apples.

Tastes Like

Strawberry candy, tropical bubble gum.

How It Is Made

Approx 1,800 meters above sea level Maestro Atelo and his wife Laura mill manually with wooden mallets before fermenting with natural yeast and spring water. Distillation is a very unique fusion of an alembic style still made of galvanized steel, a clay cazuela and a copper coiling condenser which shows in the flavours of the finished product. super small batch size of 300 litres. We have the pleasure of importing this to Australia exclusively.

Product Details


Agave / Plant Type





Master Distiller



Production Region


Clay, Copper, Steel



Limited Edition / Rarity

300 Litres

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